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Cargo Tracker

Cargo Tracker makes it easier for shippers to ship goods in large quantities and at low prices. Then, how does it work and its benefits? Check out the following article TransTRACK for further explanation!

Definition of Cargo Tracker

Cargo Tracker refers to the verification of specified shipping conditions for high-value goods – such as pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, or consumer electronics – from the manufacturer’s location or distribution center to its delivery point.

Cargo Tracker is one of the most challenging tasks that supply-chain companies face every day, mainly due to the low visibility once the shipment leaves its point of origin. Companies shipping valuable cargo often experience poor cargo management, and in particular theft and tampering attempts, which often result in significant financial losses. In addition to insuring valuable cargo, cargo monitoring is required throughout the cargo’s journey, from point of origin to point of delivery, if these potential financial losses are to be avoided.

How Tracker Works

In simple words, shipment tracking entails the process of tracking packages as they are sorted and shipped. This contributes to verifying the source and delivery path of each package, as well as allowing recipients to accurately predict the date and time of delivery. Long story short, a good shipment tracking system keeps our logistics service (and our clients) updated on the progress of the shipment. Therefore, knowing how this system functions is very important.

Below, we will find a brief guide on how shipment tracking solutions work:

Barcode Generation

This is the first step in the shipment tracking process. The barcode is the unique ID signature of each package. It looks like a series of vertical bars of varying widths and contains all the important details about the package: what’s inside, the purpose of the product, seller/buyer details, contact information, and the like. With a barcode generated and assigned to the package, the chances of the item being lost or misplaced are rather small.

Package Scanning

Once the barcode has been created and attached to the package, the next step is scanning. The package needs to be scanned so that the logistics service can track it. Once the package is scanned, the delivery service receives all the data associated with it, thus entering it into a database for further monitoring efforts. After scanning, the item can be delivered to its destination.

Package Tracking

Once a package is scanned, it can be easily tracked in real-time by both the logistics company and the client. This means that details about each shipped item such as destination, current location, and estimated delivery date become available to interested parties in the blink of an eye. On the plus side, with a good tracking tool, we and our customers can monitor the shipment from any device and wherever we are.

Package Delivery

This is the last step of the package Tracking System, and completes the process of the product reaching its final destination. When the package is delivered to the customer, the Tracking System is updated and notifies all interested parties of the successfully completed delivery.

Why is Cargo Tracker Important for Our Business?

It is estimated that 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry, and cargo shipping is now more important than ever.

Everyone around the world benefits from shipping because all goods today can be transported such as food, medicine, technology, and other essential supplies. Without shipping the import and export of goods, our modern world might not survive.

Moreover, technology provides the ability to give customers a sense of confidence about the products they need to ship.

It is a simple deal that businesses today need efficient logistics solutions that use technology to enhance the client experience with Cargo Tracker services as per market trends and demands.

It is almost impossible to ignore the importance of Cargo Tracker as any kind of delay in delivery will not only lead to customer dissatisfaction but also financial losses.

In today’s era of globalization, businesses rely on cargo shipping organizations to deliver their shipments quickly, efficiently, and on time. For that, they need an efficient logistics partner that can offer integrative services, including Cargo Tracker.

The bottom line is that Tracking System is a way to increase company growth by improving efficiency in shipping or transportation.

In this digital age, the list of customer expectations continues to grow, for example, people use GPS Tracking System on their smartphones to find everything from the nearest gas station to their favorite restaurant, this kind of logistics is something they expect all the time.

This is another great example, the percentage of customers who now shop online at Shopee for example, it also provides the ability to track their packages once the order has been shipped. The Shopee marketplace provides tracking information in the customer’s order details.

For customers, this feature has become mandatory now. The future belongs to businesses that use this as an opportunity and turn their shipping and tracking services into a great marketing tool for both new and existing customers.

From the moment a customer places an order to the moment their shipment arrives, they expect their shipment status to be updated regularly and to be able to track it themselves and manage all their shipment information with ease.

For businesses that work in and around multiple shipments, a cargo shipping partner that includes Cargo Tracker is essential.

Advantages of Using Cargo Tracker

Cargo Tracker technology allows shippers to take control of their transportation and locate shipments at any point in their journey. You can also get this Cargo Tracker feature on TransTRACK, namely with  Portable Cargo Tracker.

With Cargo Tracker technology, we know operator performance, transportation costs, and our market trends by managing logistics. Cargo Tracker is an essential element of supply chain management.

1. Reduce Costs and Speed Up Processes

Cargo Tracker accompanies service levels and costs. Using the data generated by Cargo Tracker technology where shipping companies can analyze and communicate with carriers, check pick-up times, transit times, and delays. Through this, shipping companies can make cost-effective changes to improve the supply chain.

2. Increased Visibility and Improved Performance

With the Cargo Tracker feature, metrics related to cargo movement can be monitored easily. Visibility is useful for outbound shipments as we will see the progress of the shipment and know if our customers need to know information regarding delays if any.

3. Improved Customer Experience and Reduced Delays

Tracking shipments is important for customer experience. Roughly half of the Indonesian population pays attention to their deliveries as part of the overall shopping experience.

The ability to track our shipments can provide peace of mind for users. Shipping companies will know where their shipments are and can notify customers of changes, status, and delivery if any.

Today, TransTRACK companies also offer their customers logistics solutions for shipping and believe in developing excellence and building customer loyalty through them.

Cargo Tracker technology represents information that shipping companies can use to improve services by providing real time shipment information to their customers which serves as a superior form of customer service today.

This is one of the main reasons why Cargo Tracker has become an integral part of the logistics industry.

Businesses can monitor the condition of cargo through a  Cargo Tracker during their transportation, such as when their packages depart and when they arrive at their main location. Use TransTRACK’s Portable Cargo Tracker for better tracking!


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